Why is Indian Hair so Popular for Extensions?

Indian Girl HairSome of us are just lucky in the hair department. The industry of extensions and weaves was born from women, who were not born with the natural style they crave. That being said, some of us are also purely evil to our hair. We have good intentions, of course, simply to look beautiful, but tell that to your cuticles that look like scales on a fish.


Blow drying, straightening, coloring, and perming, are all means by which we damage our hair and its cuticles. When intact, the cuticle reflects the most light and gives off an appearance of “healthy.” That is why healthy hair seems to shine more. Indian women rarely do anything to their hair, as it is attached to specific cultural ideals in their society. Their hair grows naturally long and generally straight or wavy. Indian hair is so popular for extensions and weaves because it is the most natural looking, and it blends perfectly with a variety of hair types.


Your DNA plays a role in your hair, and it is simply something beyond your control (as a lot of us are painfully aware!) Every person has a genetically PRE determined length they can grow their hair, and it will not go past that organic boundary. This is why you don’t see the average person walking around with hair to their ankles. For Indian women, the texture of their hair is what allows it to grow exceptionally long. Due to their genetics, Indian hair also grows faster than many women of African or European descent.


Since female beauty in India is often measured on the basis of hair length, it is relatively common for ladies to grow their hair down to their knees or even their ankles. Most literally do nothing to their hair their entire lives. Short hair is considered “unfeminine” in the Indian culture. Most men will not consider a woman for his wife, if she has short hair that was of her own accord, and not a religious donation.


Some Indian temples have been named “The World’s Largest Barber Shop,” as offering up one’s hair is considered an act of devotion to the god Vishnu. The Sri Venkateswara Temple alone employs over 600 Barbers, that shave over 20,000 heads a day in the name of their god. It is known as a Tonsuring ceremony and is performed with joy. Any money acquired from the sale of Indian hair, is used in the upkeep of the temples and charitable purposes. In some cases, it has even allowed temples to fund the building of local schools.
Silky Indian hair has a rich history in many industries. Originally, their hair was used to fill bed mattresses and make oil filters. Now it dominates the hair extension industry. Indian culture, religion, and genetics all play a strong role in why this hair reigns supreme in the market. Whatever the case may be, we’re all lucky to be able to experience such luxurious and Virgin locks at one time or another

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