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Before and After Hair Extensions

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5 Things You Should Know About Hair Extensions.

Go through our list of 5 most important things you should know about hair extensions!

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  1. Always seek professional help. it is important to seek out a stylist that has plenty of experience. There are several types of hair extensions, varying textures and hair quality. It’s important to go to someone experienced that can help to choose what will best match your own hair.
  2. They are an investment! Don’t cut corners. Cheap hair will be a waste of money. It’s always better to spend a bit more to have better quality , then save a bit to have a disaster that often times needs to be redone!
  3. Color blending and the haircut are key! Have a photo or a style in mind. This is important to have a natural looking result. Lets face it you don’t want people to notice your wearing extensions!
  4. Longer fuller hair will give you more confidence and make you feel like a million bucks! it’s a proven fact!
  5. Always use the highest quality products with the most shine and conditioning factors. Your hair will need extra moisturizing!
“My name is Alisa Pose. I’ve been doing hair extensions for 10+ years and LOVE being able to transform a clients perception of themselves by giving them confidence with longer fuller hair!”


Hair Extensions in San Diego

Alisa Specializes in Hair Extensions in San Diego

Hair ExtensionsProviding San Diego with the most natural looking hair extensions!

For more information about getting extensions done by Alisa contact her today. Provides the most natural looking extensions with the freshest styles.  Alisa uses Great Lengths, Hairdreams and Easihair Pro hair to create customized looks for her clients.  For more information fill out the form below.

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San Diego Hair Extensions and Hair Color

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

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Alisa Pose is San Diego’s “go to” hair expert specializing in hair extensions, natural hair care, designs & styles, chemical services, hair color, highlights, color-correction, and more.

Featured in several publications for her hair extension work and having clients from around the world; this award winning artist has served the San Diego Area for over 15 years. She is highly sought after as a leading expert in many types of hair extension technology and caters to you the consumer, cast and crews of film and television, clients suffering from alopecia, and hair loss due to stress.

Call Alisa today to book an appointment and experience your beauty like never before!

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