5 Reasons Great Lengths Hair Extensions Are The Best

Why you should choose Great Lengths

great lengthsI have been a stylist for 21 years and have been an expert in hair extensions for over 12 years now.  I myself have always had very fine and thin hair that never seemed to grow long and I was never satisfied with the lack of body in my hair. I tried Great Lengths extensions and my life was forever changed! I was so in love with my Great Lengths extensions. My hair was longer, fuller, and thicker than it had ever been in my entire life! I was so inspired and I couldn’t wait to get certified to use Great Lengths on my clients. Once I learned how to create amazing natural looks on my clients, the possibilities were endless!  If you are considering changing your life and becoming so happy with your hair, then try Great Lengths extensions with Alisa Pose today!


1. Great Lengths provides the highest quality 100% Indian Remy hair. The hair is soft, shiny and manageable.

2. Great Lengths offers a wide variety of color to choose from to create a perfect match to your natural hair.

3. Great Lengths hair has an incredible natural wave which gives your hair incredible volume and also allows your hair to hold a style for hours and hours.

4. Great Lengths different methods of attachment which are fusion and also tape-in. They are the most comfortable and do not damage your natural hair.

5. Great Lengths can be worn for as long as 6 months with the proper maintenance and care.


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